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New Promoter Packet

If you are promoting a concert for the first time at the Albuquerque Convention Center (ACC), here are a few things you need to know and a few rules that must be followed to ensure that your event will be successful and run smoothly.


Pre-Booking Promoter Checklist

  • Determine a date, but have a back-up if your first choice is not available
  • Obtain the performer/band’s concert rider, this will provide valuable information for your Sales/Event manager and help you plan for the hiring of equipment riggers*, stagehands, providing backstage catering**, etc.
  • Make sure you give yourself at least 60-90 days to promote and market your event.
  • DO NOT start selling tickets until you have a fully executed contract with the venue.

* Alliance Audio Visual is the exclusive provider of rigging for all events held at the Albuquerque Convention Center
** SAVOR Albuquerque is the exclusive caterer of the Albuquerque Convention Center; however, backstage catering buyouts are available.


Holding your Date & Rental Proposal

Now you’re ready to book.  After you have worked with your Sales Manager to secure a date, you will receive a proposal of rental and equipment expenses.  Deals at the ACC are structured in the following way:
  • Kiva Base Rent of $2,200/per day vs. 10% of the gross sales* (whichever is greater) or
  • Exhibit Hall Base Rent of $3,500/per day vs. 10% of the gross sales* (whichever is greater)

* Gross sales- The total amount of money generated from all ticket sales prior to any expenses being paid.

This is also referred to as a percentage deal.  You will never pay less than $2,200 or $3,500 in rent, but as your gross sales rise, you owe a percentage of those gross sales in rent.  For example, if your show generated $36,000 in gross sales, the rental owed to the ACC would be $3,600 (or 10% of your gross sales).  In addition to your proposal, your Sales Manager will also provide you with a copy of our Box Office Addendum. 


Executing your Contract

Return your signed contract and 1st deposit to the ACC; typically the first deposit is 50% of your estimated proposal.  Your 2nd deposit is due 30-days in advance of your show date.  If your date is less than 30-days out, your full deposit payment will be due with your signed contract.  This payment must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check or a money order. 

Once the ACC has received your signed contract and deposit, the contract will be routed for signature by our General Manager.  This will take 1-3 business days.  Once the General Manager signs the contract, a fully executed copy will be sent to you for your records.  At this time you will also be assigned an Event Manager (EM) who will become your primary point of contact at the ACC.  Your EM will assist you with any additional questions and help you plan your event.



The ACC is proud to have Ticketmaster as their exclusive third party ticking agent.  The ACC will handle all your ticket setup with Ticket Master for a nominal fee of $500.  This fee includes designing your tickets, scaling the house, building your event and getting you up on sale quickly.  Credit card processing fee and ticket printing is an additional cost.

The ACC box office is open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm free of charge to the promoter.  We also provide you with day of show ticket sellers for a reasonable hourly rate.

For ticketed events in the Kiva there is a $1.50 Facility Fee on each ticket sold.  This fee is not charged on complimentary tickets.  The total amount of complimentary tickets issued cannot exceed 5% of total tickets available without written consent of the ACC.

Promoter may sell tickets direct and not use Ticket Master or any other third party ticketing agent. Promoter will be required to use third party ticket takers the day of the event (more details can be found in the Security section of this packet).


Certificate of Insurance

The ACC requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for every event held at the center.  The terms and requirements of event Insurance are highlighted in Section 9 of your contract.  The COI must contain the following verbiage- “The City of Albuquerque, SMG, its officers, agents and employees” shall be named as additional insureds”.  If your date is less than 30-days out, your COI will be due with your signed contract.  You will not be able to move in on the day of your show until the ACC has received your COI.


Event Security

As of November 1, 2011, Landmark will be the exclusive provider of event security at the ACC.  Event security staffing will be determined and approved based on several criteria including estimated attendance.  As mentioned above, if you are selling your own tickets, ticket takers will be added to the staffing for your event.  In some cases, law enforcement, i.e. police or sheriff may be required for your event.  This should be discussed with your Sales Manager during the proposal process.


Zia is the exclusive seller of Novelty/Merchandising at the ACC.  A merchandising fee equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of gross novelty and merchandising revenue for soft goods and ten percent (10%) on CD’s, less all applicable taxes and fees, generated in connection with the event is payable to the ACC at settlement.


Estimated Expenses

14-days prior to your event, the Event Manager will provide you with a list of additional estimated expenses.  These expenses will be a list of any items you added during the process of planning your event.  You will need to sign the Estimated Expenses form and return it along with what you owe no later than 7-days prior to your event.   


Backstage Catering

SAVOR… Albuquerque is the exclusive provider of Food & Beverage at the ACC, including backstage catering.  The SAVOR… Albuquerque Sales Manager can provide you with an estimate for backstage catering based on the concert rider you provided.  If a performer/band has its own caterer, a “buyout” for backstage catering may be arranged.