Equipment and Labor Rates

The ACC has a large variety of equipment available for all of our guests.

If there is something that you need that you don’t see on the list below, please contact one of our Sales or Event Managers at (505) 768-4575.

We will gladly help you find what you’re looking for!

All equipment is based on availability. Equipment rates shown are single day rates only; additional days are 50% off. Rates do not include NM gross receipt tax.


Chairs (flat-floor) $1.75 per chair
Chairs (riser seating) $2.50 per chair


8’x30″ Banquet (topped w/ linen) $30.00 per table
8’x30″ Banquet (naked) $20.00 per table
8’x18″ Classroom (topped w/ linen) $20.00 per table
8’x18″ Classroom (naked) $15.00 per table
72″ Rounds (topped w/ linen) $25.00 per table
72″ Rounds (naked) $20.00 per table
30″ Cocktail Round/Belly Bar (topped w/ linen) $20.00 per table
30″ Cocktail Round/Belly Bar (naked) $12.00 per table


Tabletop $12.00 each
Standing $23.00 each


Note: Does not apply for changes to/from catered functions 50% of published rental


6’x8′ Riser (16″, 24″, 32″, 40″) $30.00 per unit
6’x8′ Drum Riser $75.00 per unit


Baby Grand Piano (not tuned) $200.00
Piano Tuning $90.00
Piano Moving $180.00 round-trip


Bicycle Fencing (bike rack) $12.00 per 8′ section
Stanchions $12.00 per 8′ stick


Room Keys (above 2 comp keys) $10.00 each
Lost Key Charge $10.00 each
Re-core Lock $90.00 per core


Dance Floor (3’x3′ piece) $4.00 per section
Garment Rack $15.00 each
Raffle Drums $20.00 each
Easels $4.00 each
White Board/Message Board $20.00 each
Trash Bin (open-top) $325.00 per pull
Insurance ($100.00 minimum) $0.55 per person/day
Electrical Cords $17.00 each
Power Strip $17.00 each

Note: Insurance rates may vary depending on type of event.

Heavy Equipment

Manlift (Mon-Fri) $80.00 per hour
Manlift (Weekends) $110.00 per hour
Forklift (Mon-Fri) $80.00 per hour
Forklift (Weekends) $110.00 per hour

Note: The heavy equipment rental fee includes an operator provided by the Center. A 1-hour minimum applies.


Attendant $23.00 per hour


Standard Hours $45.00 per hour
Overtime Hours $70.00 per hour


Standard Hours $45.00 per hour
Overtime Hours $70.00 per hour
Maintenance $45.00 per hour

Albuquerque Fire Dept (4-hour min)

Prevention $35.00 per hour
Suppression $25.00 per hour
Rescue $30.00 per hour

Albuquerque Police Dept (4-hour min)

Supervisor $50.00 per hour
Officer $40.00 per hour

Box Office/Ticketing

Box Office/Ticketing Set-up $500.00
Additional Performances $125.00 per performance
Ticket Printing $0.25 per ticket
Roll Stock Tickets $25.00 per roll (*)
Credit Card Service Fee 4% of sale
Box Office Manager (4-hr minimum) $25.00 per hour
Ticket Seller (4-hr minimum) $18.00 per hour
Ticket Taker (4-hr minimum) $18.00 per hour

Note: Roll stock tickets are sold in 2,000-ticket rolls.


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